More stealth, more success. Sound Barrier’s Buck Bumper adhesive wrap eliminates hunt-busting equipment noise, offering a whole new advantage for hunters.

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Bypass the whitetail’s last critical defense, and take your stealth to a new level.  Designed to eliminate mistakes, give a new confidence, a new advantage!

Buck Bumper
Buck Bumper

Buck Bumper Wrap
Buck Bumper Wrap

Buck Bumper
Buck Bumper




Jimmy Sites endorses Sound Barrier

"I placed the Sound Barrier tape on my metal deer stand to serve as a quiet rest for my rifle. It works perfectly! No more carrying extra gear to lay over the rails of my stand to quiet my gun.  This is a very user-friendly and  practical product that I highly recommend."

- Jimmy Sites

Producer & Host of Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites prostaff endorse sound barrier

Chad Stillman,  ProStaff 

"The Buck Bumper system is a simple concept executed perfectly by the guys at Sound Barrier. When I received my Buck Bumper first only planned to use it on my camera arm. I quickly saw the advantage of utilizing their product and added it to the areas of my portable tree stand and climbing sticks I wanted silenced. I hunt for fun, but for a living I'm a SWAT operator /sniper. I will be adding Buck Bumper to my sniper kit. Doing so will allow me to quiet essential pieces of equipment that I trust to protect me, my teammates, and the citizens of the communities I'm sworn to protect. Congrats Sound Barrier on a great product."


- Chad Stillman

I used to cover most of my equipment in hockey tape to keep it quiet, now it's covered in Buck Bumper - even better!  This stuff works!


- Adam Hays III

Adam Hays III, Team 200 member & renown big buck hunter


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The noise we make in the field is a major problem, from hanging stands, to coming and going from our hunting areas, science is showing that the noises we make, big or small, are hunt-busters and drastically affect our hunting success. Our “noise footprint” is a large contributor to the dreaded “hunting pressure” deer feel that quickly contributes to them changing patterns, and the bad feeling we get seeing a great hunting area go flat. Sound Barrier is the first solution to the age old noise problem experienced by all hunters, offering real ways to get past the whitetail’s last great defense, hearing, and truly take our hunting to the next level. 

whitetail deer hearing




Product Testing

We tested Buck Bumper and our moleskin-based competitors to truly see which products reduce hunt-busting equipment noise the most. Meticulous scientific processes, and the highest standards of precision ensured highly accurate data and results.

The results - conclusive, revealing Buck Bumper as industry leader in sound concealment and helping hunters take their stealth to the next level. (see full test results HERE)

Sound Basics

How does sound travel? Sound is a compressional wave. It's not the typical sine wave that we usually think of with peaks and valleys, it's a shock wave that travels as a series of back and forth compressions, like pushing a slinky and seeing a pulse run through it. The source of all waves is a vibration of some sort which sets off a chain reaction of energy. One air molecule bumps into another transferring this energy, or vibration, which in turn transfers to another.   This pattern repeats and radiates in all directions and is a big problem for hunters. It’s like throwing a rock in a pond where ripples travel out in all directions, except in this case sound is 3- dimensional, not just 2-dimensional. These vibrations travel at about 372 yards every second. Any vibration we cause (crunching leaves, breaking a twig, clanging that stand, etc.) starts a chain reaction of energy through the air, and once set in motion has serious consequences… hunt-busting noise traveling in all directions!


How do we determine how loud a sound is? Sound Pressure Level, or SPL, is how the intensity of sound is measured. It’s measured in decibels (dB), and is relative to a random reference, the lower threshold of human hearing. 0 on this scale is something so soft humans cannot hear it any more. A whisper is about 20 dB, normal speech about 60dB, and heavy traffic about 80dB. The SPL decreases over distance, so obviously the further you get from a hunt-busting noise, the lower the SPL or perceived loudness. Deer actually hear similar to humans in this regard, as to how soft a noise they can actually hear, but their ears work very different in other ways.


How do deer hear? Deer hear similar to us in the fact that something “loud” to us is “loud” to them, and something “soft” to us, is “soft” to them. However, there are huge differences that make their hearing very effective at detecting hunter noise. First, they have pinnae, huge radar dish ears that can rotate in any direction to pinpoint the slightest sound a hunter makes. Once one errant noise is made, it’s almost inevitable that they will detect you. Second, they hear much better at the particular frequencies where most “hunter noises” fall (like crunching leaves, breaking branches, etc.). They are designed to hear these very well. Good for them, bad for us. Lastly, they have ultrasonic hearing.


What is ultrasonic hearing? This means deer can hear higher frequencies which are outside the range of human hearing. This has huge implications for hunters that we’ve only recently uncovered. Perfect human ears can hear a frequency range from 20- 20,000 Hertz (Hz). Most of us around 16,000 Hz is the highest pitch, or frequency, we can detect. Above that, we do not hear any sound made, even if it’s there. So things like a dog whistle, we can’t hear, but a dog can since it can hear in an ultrasonic range. This is the same for whitetails. Deer can hear well all the way up to 54,000 Hz, well above human hearing. So the implication is this.. if the noises we make as hunters fall into this range, we won’t even know we are making them, but deer do! This is why we set out to engineer a solution.
We tested 2 dozen common hunter sounds using a sound-proof vault at the University of Toledo.  With precision instruments we found the exact SPL of each sound, and also mapped their sound spectrum (frequency range from high to low). What we discovered was profound, and should profoundly change our thoughts in relation to hunting whitetails. The most common sounds hunters make, exist at a high SPL in the ultrasonic range..the range deer can hear but we cannot! Translated:
We make noises in frequencies that we cannot hear but that deer can hear very well! Sound Barrier’s Buck Bumper solves this problem by reducing the SPL of common hunting noises. When applied you can expect to see drastic sound concealing improvements of up to 70%.

Common noises hunter's make