Q: What should I use Buck Bumper on? 

Any equipment you want to completely encase and sound-proof.  Typically, this would be smaller equipment.  Examples would be bow hangers, tree steps, climbing sticks, buckles,  tree hooks, camera arms, camera bases & tripods, bow parts and accessories, releases, and any metal or plastic parts on equipment that could potentially make hunt-busting noise! There are so many uses, please contact us and tell us/send pictures of how you use it to never be heard again!


Q: What should I use Buck Bumper Thick on? 

Typically contact points on large equipment such treestands (under seats, and other areas where they contact the platform, or could contact your bow, or other gear), climbing sticks (at points that contact when stacked/stored and transported), shooting rails (as a quiet rest for bows, crossbows, and guns), and many others.  Again, there are so many potential uses, please contact us and tell us/send pictures of how you use it to never be heard again!


Q: Is there anything I should not use Buck Bumper or Buck Bumper Thick on?  

Due to the permanent nature of the adhesive, thought should be given to its application and future removal.  Things like gun stocks, bow risers, or aesthetic finishes should be avoided, as removal or adhesive could damage this finish. (See removal)


Q: How do I remove Buck Bumper and Buck Bumper Thick?

  1. Using rubbing alcohol fill a small spray bottle.

  2. Carefully spray the edges of Buck Bumper allowing the alcohol to begin dissolving the adhesive. Allow to sit one minute.  

  3. Slowly peel off buck bumper continuing to spray as you peel.  DO NOT tear quickly.  Make sure all the foam comes off as you peel, or the process will be much harder.

  4. If residue or foam fragments remain, use cloth and rubbing alcohol to remove.

  5. Clean surface with a cloth and warm water, and  reapply new Buck Bumper or Buck Bumper Thick.


Q: How long do Buck Bumper and Buck Bumper Thick last?

They are designed to last one hunting season, with permanent print and adhesive, though can last much longer depending on use. Over time and natural wear both will degrade diminishing the sound absorption properties.  It is suggested to remove, clean equipment surfaces,  and reapply at the beginning of each season for maximum sound concealment.


Q: What if I have a question on the product, my order, or anything else?

Email us via our email address under “contact” and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Further Questions? 

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