Get both Buck Bumper (our thin wrap for encasing small equipment like bow hangers, tree steps, hooks, buckles, camera arms, climbing sticks, and many others) and Buck Bumper Thick (our thick strip for sound-proofing contact points on large equipment like stands, climbing sticks, shooting rails, or blinds) for a 10% savings, and over 70% reduction in hunt-busting noise! Great bargain for those with several stands, blinds, and other equipment who want to take their hunting and stealth to a new level.  


  • Eliminates over 70% of equipment noise

  • Easy peel and apply

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Made in USA


  • 30 day guarantee! (details below)



SKU: 0003
  • Specs:

    • Buck Bumper Thick - Comes in a 6 ft roll and can sound-proof approximately 4-6 stands depending on use. 1/8 in thick, 1 in wide.
    • Buck Bumper - Comes in a 15 ft roll and can sound-proof 4-5 bow hangers or 1 climbing stick, depending on use. 1/32 in thick, 3/4 in wide.