Sound-proof 3 climbing sticks, and 2+ stands at over 15% savings!  Great package for those who travel with their sticks and stand and need maximum stealth on the go!  Get 3 rolls of Buck Bumper to completely encase your climbing sticks, and 1 roll of Buck Bumper Thick to hit contact points on your stands for complete silence, deadly stealth! Also have a little left over for any buckles, hooks, or other gear you use that could potential make hunt-busting noise. Get one for all your stick/stand combo's! 


  • Eliminates over 70% of equipment noise

  • Easy peel and apply

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Made in USA


  • 30 day guarantee! (details below)



SKU: 0007
  • Specs:

    • Buck Bumper Thick - Comes in a 6 ft roll and can sound-proof approximately 4-6 stands depending on use. 1/8 in thick, 1 in wide.
    • Buck Bumper - Comes in a 15 ft roll and can sound-proof 4-5 bow hangers or 1 climbing stick, depending on use. 1/32 in thick, 3/4 in wide.