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Tactic of top-level hunters revealed: Sound Concealment Rule #4

What is one tactic of top-level whitetail deer hunters that can take your hunting to the next level? What does it mean to your hunting success? Adam Lewis discusses in this week's episode of Sound Barrier's "sound advice," and reveals the # 4 Rule of Sound Concealment. Many of us don't realize, or stop to think about what it takes to be an exceptional hunter. Not just a good one, but an exceptional one. It takes attention to detail from my experience to go from good to great, to truly have a chance at some of these wary whitetail that we pursue. Many times we get in the habit of doing the same old things, doing what others do, without really thinking about this, and if it is truly helping me as a hunter.. truly making me a better hunter, raise it to the next level, get the job done, and be an exceptional hunter. It takes attention to detail! I've found that the biggest way by far that I can give myself an edge, is to focus on something that not many people do.. one of the major senses whitetail deer use to keep us from success..hearing! Over the years I came up with some rules I have to stick to, make myself follow, to even have a chance at some of these deer. One rule that I absolutely love, and that I feel can truly make you disappear to deer, become a ghost in the woods is Rule #4 of sound concealment. Its my favorite, and it is "use cover sound." Cover sound is anything in your environment that naturally makes noise, a natural noise that you leverage to blend in, and cover any noise you have to make. It could be a flock of blackbirds, a wind gust, a plane flying overhead.. but the idea is you make your moves, noises when these things happen, and they cover or conceal them. If you get good at this, become one with nature in a sense, let it dictate when you move, you can literally blend in and nothing will know you are there! It really works, its my favorite sound concealment rule, or tip, and can really take you to that exceptional hunter level, increase your stealth dramatically, and increase your success. Its these little things, that make the big difference, and using cover sound can give you BIG advantage! Like, share, and follow us for more great videos and whitetail hunting tips on: youtube:

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