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Deer Hearing: Sound Concealment Rule #5

Deer hearing: getting past the whitetail's last great defense, hearing, is the biggest way hunters can take their hunting to the next level. Join Adam Lewis of Sound Barrier, as he talks about Rule #5 of sound concealment, and gives tips on how to take your stealth, and hunting success, to a new level. Sound concealment Rule #5 is "less is best." But what does this mean? First, sound begins as a contact for hunters, which starts a vibration, which travels as a sound wave. We make a lot of contacts when hunting.. leaves and branches with our feet with every step, brush and twigs against our clothing, clanging equipment, you name it. In order to decrease hunt-busting noise we need to eliminate the chance to make contacts, and therefore vibrations, and NOISE! Less is best..less contact that is. We need to think of ways to decrease these contacts. Some examples are sweeping a path to your stand, nipping your way deep in the woods and removing twigs and briers as you go. This automatically eliminates the chance to make noise, and increases our stealth immediately. Also, try finding the least intrusive route. Even if its the long way around.. try a field instead of through a crunchy woods, a ditch that conceals your noi

se due to its banks.. whatever it takes to plan the least amount of contact, and least intrusiveness. Try sound conealment rule #5, apply it, and take your stealth and success to the next level, and never be heard again! Please take a minute and comment below your thoughts and what you do to decrease hunt-busting noise you make!

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