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Deer hunting: how to become a ghost!

What is the biggest way to improve your success as a whitetail hunter? Sound concealment, getting past a deer’s last defense, hearing! Last time we talked about the #4 rule of sound concealment, which is my favorite, one of the best ways to do just this, which is utilizing cover sound. Cover sound being natural noises that occur around you in the field and woods. Moving when these noises occur, and allowing them to conceal inevitable noise you will make by moving through the woods. Its about moving with nature, being one with nature and what’s going on around you, and letting it dictate your movement and speed. One great example of this was a few years ago when I was hunting on state land. I was scouting a new area, and it was very windy. This was great as it allowed me to find a spot with fresh sign close to a bedding area, cut limbs, clip branches, and get a stand sight ready with no intrusion whatsoever. The next day, I shot a buck there as it tried to slip back to its bedding area in the early morning light, and there’s a good chance he was nearby the day before when I made all that noise. Using cover sound helped me to seal the deal. Another time, it was a large flock of blackbirds that allowed me to slip into a very thick area, also on state land, and get setup with no possible way of anything hearing me. I almost, almost shot a 10 point that night, and I believe due to the added stealth by utilizing this great sound concealment tip, using cover sound.

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