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Heartland Bowhunter Film School Review

Today I'm going to give a review of the Heartland Bowhunter Film School 2016. I'll share a bit about what we learned from the Heartland Bowhunter guys, what I took away from it, what you can expect if you attend, and if it would be worth it for you! This is a bit of a departure from our usual content, sound concealment, but will be well worth the watch!

So I planned for this trip awhile, and couldn't wait to get out to Independence Missouri Bass Pro where the school was held. It was a long trip from Michigan, but made it (in 100 degree heat) and got started. This is a 2 day camp, so a lot is crammed into 2 days, but the guys are great, very good to talk to and very open to questions as well.

Overview: We went over a lot of topics, ones listed below and more. There were plenty of opportunities to ask specific questions, however this school is an overview, not a super in depth training. * shot composition * cameras and usage * good/bad shots *time lapse *hyper lapse *making a good show * types of cameras and how they set them up/use them in field *drones and usage * editing tips and tactics

Takaways: so I had 2 big takeaways from this 2 day school. First, its all about telling the story. This is key. The guys at Heartland Bowhunter do this very well. Figure our how to use your cameras, get the right shots, and edit/compose this to tell the story, a good story that will draw people in and make them want to watch. Almost as if they are going on the hunt with you. This take a lot of filming, Heartland films everything, and this allows a lot of film to draw from. Also you have to plan out and think about shots you want and capture them in unique and creative ways.

Second, its about hard work. From filming everything, to editing, this is extreme work and going the extra mile to get that awesome shot, or shots, separates the men from the boys. Get creative, and put in the hard work both in the field and in the studio until is is great!

So overall I would suggest the Heartland Bowhunter Film School. It was great to see the guys and how they do things. They were super helpful and friendly and I took away a lot of things I can implement into my filming, editing, and hunts. And, its great for those just beginning, all the way to expert. We had several guys that film for major Outdoor Channel shows there learning as well!

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