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The Whitetail's Weak Link - and what it means for hunters

There is some new science that show's the weak link of whitetail deer, the achille's heal and key for unraveling their defenses. Join us this week as we discuss this, and what it means for hunters!

The weak link, or achille's heal of whitetail deer has always been sought after by hunters. I recently had an article published on this in North American Whitetail, and wanted to share some of it with you here. First, one has to realize that the 3 senses work together in tandem like a jumbo jet. All sensors bring in data for analysis, and when all 3 senses of whitetail deer are working, corroborating this data, it is nearly impossible to fool them (sight, smell, and hearing). But, if any of those sensors goes out, it gets much more difficult to know what is going on, and cross check the other sensors (senses) flying blind at night in a midwest thunder storm.

Research is showing that 2 of the whitetail senses are particularly linked together, sight and hearing. One is the trigger sense, and the other the confirmation sense. It usually works this way.. a deer hears something with its keen ears, and uses its eyes to hone in and check for danger. Once a deer hears you or any little noise you make, its almost impossible to evade their scrutiny.

The equation goes like this.. Trigger sense (hearing) + confirmation sense (eyesight) = busted hunt. However, if we can avoid the trigger sense, if we can get past a deer's sense of hearing, then deer do not know where to look, and don't, and we then also get past their eyes. This is VERY important for us hunters.. again, IF we can get past their ears, hearing, we also get past their eyes. It's a 2 for 1 deal!

I experienced this while pushing into a bedding area on a breezy rainy day. In full view I walked in, setup, climbed up the tree in my climber, and then realized 2 doe were 35 yards away looking my direction and chewing their cud. They did not see me, because their trigger sense, hearing was not set off, and they had no clue I was there. Its the same for you. We need to spend less time obsessing on camo, and more trying to figure out how to bypass the trigger sense, hearing, because its a 2 for 1 deal!

I invite you to subscribe, check out our other videos and webpage for new science and information on how to take your hunting to a new level with sound concealment.

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