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How far hunter sounds travel, and should you care?

Join Sound Barrier this week as Adam Lewis discusses deer hearing, hunter noises, how far noises we make in the woods travel, and how much we should care when it comes to noises and our hunting success!

So we all make noise.. coming and going through leaves, twigs, brush..while hanging stands, taking down stands. We crunch, snap, cling, clang, and somehow expect to be successful with our hunting. So, we are going to take a look at a typical hunter sound, see how far this could be expected to travel, and talk about what science says and how this affects deer behavior and your hunting.

If we clang some solid metal tree steps together as our example, and use a sound level meter, we find over 70 decibels are registered. Knowing by laws of physics that its a 6dB drop every time you double the distance, this particular sound (on a clear calm day) could be expected to travel 250 yards or so (ambient noise around 20dB). Clang!

Many of us hunt way closer than this to bedding areas. Deer will hear this noise. How will they react? Well studies show that 1 intrusion and deer change patterns. One! Deer hear this, this is major hunting pressure and deer will change patterns. They just do not tolerate our presence and noises like this. So little noises, can really hurt our hunts and hunting success. In fact, one little noise can ruin a hunt and hunting area! Point is, we need to find ways to NOT make these noises, and silence our gear!

At Sound Barrier that's what we do.. give you strategies and products to do just that, get past a deer's ears, and take stealth to a new level. I invite you to check out our other YouTube videos on tactics to help with this, as well as find us on social media, and check out our website here for products like Buck Bumper and Buck Bumper Thick to help you silence equipment over 70%, and.. never be heard again!

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