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Sound Concealment Rule #6 - do you tolerate this?

This week we are going to talk about sound concealment rule #6, and how it can taking your hunting stealth and success, to a new level, so stay tuned!

Sound Concealment Rule #6, before we jump into that, and how it is a necessity for hunters who take their hunting and success seriously, I invite and recommend you watch our other rules of sound concealment that can help your stealth tremendously as well.


So, Sound Concealment Rule #6 is a no-brainer, but one that a lot of guys do not do or take seriously. It is SILENCE ALL EQUIPMENT! We have so much gear, and so much of this gear makes contact. Contact = vibrations, and hunt-busting noise. If noisy contact can’t completely be avoided (sound concealment rule #5), then alter the vibrating material. A guitar is loud not because of the vibrating strings, but because of the hollow body forced to vibrate with it (known as a sounding board). Unfortunately, a lot of hunting equipment is just that, a hollow, loud sounding board.

Think about trail cameras, climbing sticks, stands, and all the other hollow or just plain noisy equipment (most metals in general). If brushed or contacted it vibrates and rings loudly, sending hunt-busting noise in all directions into bedding areas and hurting your chances and hunting areas. Remember, noise = hunting pressure, and it takes just one to ruin a hunt or hunting area.

Jim Hole Jr., of Classic Bowhunts Alberta Canada, has been guiding, outfitting, and successfully bowhunting big Canadian bucks for over three decades. Experience has taught him how vitally important it is to have low sound-impact equipment. “If a bowhunter wishes to get close to mature deer on a regular basis he must concentrate his efforts on being silent and having gear that is silent, not pretty silent. The mature deer have learned not to have tolerance for such a thing.” WHY DO YOU??

So what’s the solution? Silence it, or get rid of it. For hollow equipment, trying filling them with spray foam. For other things, like tree steps, stands, climbing sticks try covering them with something to mute vibrations. This will help your chances tremendously, and is vitally important for deadly stealth needed to take the animals we seek.

At sound barrier, we have a solution for this problem. Buck Bumper, and Buck Bumper thick are designed to encase equipment, and target noisy contact points on equipment to eliminate over 70% of hunt-busting noise. They eliminate equipment noise, and the chance of hunt-ruining mistakes. Check them out here at our website under SHOP, employ the rules of sound concealment, and never be heard again!

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