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Rut Hunting Myth Debunked

This week we are looking at a Rut Myth, debunking it, and looking at 3 reminders to help make your rut hunt a success.

The myth we hear is that we can get away with more during the rut. Although bucks may be more active, and maybe a little careless, this is really not true. Let’s look at 3 things to remember and avoid, this year during the rut!

  1. You cannot be careless! Remember to practice all the same stealth practices during this time of year. Bucks might be a little careless, this does not mean you can be. They still have all their senses, and can still bust you at any time. Do NOT get wreckless, careless, and get busted!

  2. Watch out for the does! Bucks are chasing or following does, and does are not careless ever! Especially now they have been hunted and are very wary. Does have saved many bucks over the years, so be on top alert to not alert does and therefore miss a chance at that big buck following her!

  3. Pay special attention to stealth! Be unseen, do not make quick movements. Pay attention to wind and use cover scents. Most importantly use sound concealment. Ever little noise matters! Make sure, again, you pay extra attention to the details, or one little mistake will kill that one chance you’ve been waiting and planning for all year!

At Sound Barrier we help with sound concealment, and helping hunters take it to the next level with tips and products to be silent. Check out our other youtube videos for tips to really help, and also our webpage for products to eliminate equipment noise completely called Buck Bumper and Buck Bumper Thick designed to encase equipment, and target noisy contact points on equipment to eliminate over 70% of hunt-busting noise. Increase your stealth, and never be heard again!




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