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Post - Rut Success Essentials

In this week's Sound Barrier video, we take a look at Post-Rut Whitetail hunting essentials for success.

Late season if you still have a tag, it may be hard to find a good doe or especially buck to fill that tag. I want to share 3 things though that will really help you in this pursuit in late season. Now, a couple of these might be things we already know, but they are essential and need to be remembered and acted on to have the best chance of success on whitetail in late season!

1. Find the food! You have to find the hot food source to find the deer. After the rut the deer will be hitting this hard, and that's where you want to be! Bucks have lost a lot of body mass chasing does during the rut, and they have to gain this back to survive the winter. So, find those acorns that are still around, corn field that has leftovers, or beans and hunt them!

2. Hunt the cold fronts! On top of this, when a cold snap hits deer will be forced to hit food, and many times in daylight. They simply don't have the fat reserves, or food in normal bedding areas to sustain them. They will have to get up and hit food, and during shooting hours. Look for those days where the temps dip below freezing or more, and when they drop a good 10+ degrees. Set up on the food and get ready for action! Any deer within miles (if you've done your homework and found the best food source) will be pouring into the field!

3. Pay special attention to stealth! I cannot emphasize this enough! You have to be unseen, unsmelled, and especially UNHEARD while coming and going, and leaving your hunting location. Deer have been hunted all year, and are very educated and on edge. Any little tip off will ruin your chances, so special care is needed. What is your entry exit route? Make sure you can get in silently, but also get OUT! Deer will be on the food when you leave, so really think about stand placement and how you will slip out and not push those deer on the field. Many times they will be bedded nearby, so any noise walking in, in the blind, and with your equipment could mess up a great opportunity, so take all precautions! To soundproof all your gear see our product Buck Bumper HERE for a dead silent setup.

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