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Whitetail Tactics: the Burrow Technique

This week we are discussing a whitetail hunting tactic and technique that can really help to increase your stealth and chance of success. If you are a mobile hunter, and like to carry a stand on your back into a new spot and hunt it, this is especially geared for you, although everyone can utilize this tip for ghost like stealth. And its little details and things like this that can make or break a hunt, or hunting season.

When we bust through the woods to get back into a new hunting spot, we make a lot of noise, and there is a lot of noise potential: branches, leaves, briars, grass, you name it, it can scrape against our clothing, our plastic gear, our metal gear and make a ton of noise, even if we are trying to be quiet. This noise travels a long ways, right into the areas we are targeting and trying to hunt. We literally mess up our areas before we even get to them or have chance to hunt them. So, it is critical we eliminate the chance to make contact with these things, so we can have the stealth necessary, and give ourselves a much better chance at success because of that.

The burrow technique allows this. I take a set of garden shears, or nipppers I call them, and quietly, slowly nip my way in, and effectively burrow through the underbrush. By nipping any branch, vine, twig, or obstacle that could brush myself or my gear, I decrease a ton of noise, eliminate the chance of noise, and give myself a much increased chance of success in the process. You'd be amazed how much it helps! The burrow technique, its simple, easy, and very effective at taking your stealth to a next level and helping raise your level of success. Try it out!

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