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Whitetail Tactics: get down and dirty!

Yes I'm cringing in the picture, and the title may be of question, but the tactic is not! So short #2 of whitetail tactics, quick easy things you should be doing to dramatically increase stealth and hunting success, is get down and dirty! Not risque (we don't condone running naked through the woods or doing some hoochie dance to somehow lure in deer), but something to make your entry and exits completely silent, and if you own the land or have permission, this is a little thing to do to make big advances in your sound concealment (which is essential to take your hunting to that next level we all want to get to).

Simply, you want to blaze a trail to your stands and get down to the dirt, so you are walking on only dirt. No leaves, no sticks, no chance to make noise with what you're walking on. This will help tremendously as dirt is pretty much dead silent. The best tool I've used is your basic leaf rake, but some use a leaf blower or tractor to mow trails (which isn't dirt but at least helps remove leaves). I think the tractor is ok, leaf blower ok, but leaf rake the best method. You are going to want to do this long before you hunt, and then stay out. Months, or weeks is best, and pay attention throughout the year especially as leaves fall. You may need to do a little maintenance part way through the fall, and this easy tip requires some effort (I mean raking leaves is not that bad, but enough work for some that many don't do it.. don't be lazy!), but is well worth it to immediately increase stealth, decrease hunting pressure, and give you added chances of success in that area. It's well worth it for the added stealth and decreased hunting pressure it will create. Trust me! Get down and dirty, it will help you out!

Also, I want to invite you to visit the rest of our webpage for our products to decrease equipment noise over 70% (a major problem that sends hunt-busting noise into our hunting areas way too often, simply a MUST to silence it!). They'll help you silence your gear, eliminate the chance of mistakes, and increase chances, period! So check it out, check out some of our other videos, share, and never be heard again!

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