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Whitetail Tactics: Silencing your stand is crucial! our quick tip to make sure it is!

Sound Barrier short #3, is a quick tip on a piece of equipment that is crucial that we keep completely silent to have success on whitetail's. When we are hunting, particularly hanging treestands or taking them down there is a huge opportunity for us to clang and bang the metal parts, and this hollow metal makes a lot of noise. I mean with all thats going on putting up or taking down a stand, its almost impossible not to clang or bang it a time or two. This is exactly what we do not want to do.. send hunt-ruining noise into our hunting area before we even hunt it. So it's crucial we take every precaution to silence this key piece of gear, that a lot of guys honestly do not do. It can literally make or break a season. Now, is a great time of year to do just that. Seasons are wrapping up, and we need to take at look at gear maintenance and making things better for next year. Here is what I do.

What I like to do is take our product Buck Bumper Thick (yes shameless plug but it works perfectly) and identify key contact points on the stand where metal can hit metal and make noise. I cut strips, and strategically place them here to eliminate any chance of noise. Key areas are under the seat and on the vertical bar against the tree that when folded can hit the platform and make noise. Any spot that could, I put Buck Bumper Thick on it and it is silenced all year, I don't have to worry, I increase my stealth significantly and my chance of success because I know I am now dead silent, and don't have a chance to screw it up. Believe me if there is a chance to clang metal, we will, so it's important to be honest with ourselves on this and take precautions! The first time you hang a stand is the best chance, and when you increase your stealth like this and decrease your noise footprint, you can extend that to multiple times and really increase your odds. I did this just last year with 2 deer in 2 hunts in the same stand, on high pressure state land due to sound concealment practices like this. It matters! A simple tip, big results!

I invite you to subscribe to our youtube page here for more tips, and also look around our webpage SHOP for our products to help you eliminate equipment noise, take your hunting to a new level, and never be heard again!

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