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Whitetail Tactics: Sound-Proofing your Climbing Sticks!

So one major piece of equipment almost all of us whitetail hunters use are climbing sticks of some sort. But, as useful as they are, they can also be our biggest enemy. Hollow metal is our enemy when hunting, especially when setting a stand, and it is almost impossible not to cling or clang it several times during a setup. This sends hunt-busting noise into the areas we are hunting, and ruins our chances even before we've hunted. Not good. So, it is imperative that we find a way to silence this favorite tool of hunters, the climbing stick!

Basically, if you want to take your stealth to the level necessary to see more consistent success, you NEED to find a way to completely eliminate the chance to make any metal contact. I use our product Buck Bumper to completely encase them, and leave no chance to make noise, and that's just why it was developed. This way, when those contacts happen, and they will, no noise is made. You are silent, the deer in the area have no clue, and your chances in that spot skyrocket due to this increased stealth of sound concealment. So, the Sound Barrier short is silence your equipment by encasing it or sound-proofing it, and I use Buck Bumper as an easy effective way to do that and increase my edge on the whitetail I'm after.

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