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Our Hunting Legacy & Father's Day

Why it is vitally important for hunters, and what you should do this Father's Day!

Most of us have a father, grandfather, or father figure that probably introduced us to hunting. Whether it was through stories told around the campfire, teaching us to shoot a gun or bow, or by demonstrating how to track a whitetail, these men shaped who we are and our passion for hunting in profound ways. Many times it’s easy to forget just how this valued tradition became a major part

of our lives, and who played such a defining role. With Father’s Day this weekend, now is a good time to not only recognize the fathers that made an impact on our lives, but also to take action to strengthen this great hunting legacy for generations to come. So here are 3 thoughts to help do just that!

INTENTIONALLY THANK HIM. Like so much in life, the important things usually only occur because of intention. Expressing gratitude is a prime example, as it just doesn’t happen automatically or off the cuff many times. Send a card or maybe plan your words for an in-person talk, but express gratitude for the action this person took to introduce you to the outdoors in some way. It doesn’t have to be perfect or complicated to be very impactful. This seemingly insignificant act, will not only give due credit, but also put us in the humble position to effectively be a father figure of our own (if not now, someday).

INTENTIONALLY PROMOTE THE TRADITION. Nowadays there are so many ways to support and promote the hunting tradition. Joining groups like the NRA, SCI, or QDMA is one way to use our money to reach a larger audience. Social media is another great way to spread word and images that promote hunting in some way, and influence others in the process. Whether it be a critical bill in congress, local event, or photos of your recent successful hunt with the exciting story, sharing these help inform, excite, and promote the hunting tradition. There is a warning, however (that many people on social media need reminding of): always stay classy, take the high road, and remember how many young eyes are watching the example you set. So promote and represent wisely!

INTENTIONALLY PASS IT DOWN. The best way is to pass down the hunting tradition is one-on-one. Take your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or friend out hunting and simply share the great heritage of hunting with them. It’s amazing to see how easy it is to get someone hooked with the launch of that first arrow, or buck encounter. Train well though. It’s more than just exposing them to hunting, but about giving the example of why we hunt (food, stewardship of land, and enjoyment would be my top three), and how we hunt (ethically, and with respect for the animal and other hunters). And in my opinion, we’ve got to live this out, in private and public, 100% of the time to truly create a worthwhile, lasting legacy. So, take a minute to reflect, intentionally recognize, and continue creating our great hunting legacy!