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You're biggest Hunting Edge of 2018? Elephant in the Whitetail Woods

This hugely ignored problem could be your biggest hunting edge of 2018!

Biggest Hunting Edge of 2018

It seems many in the hunting industry are making ridiculous claims about their product, or hunting show these days. From advertisements saying a product will “revolutionize hunting forever,” to backyard videographers “taking the industry by storm” when they only have 100 Youtube followers, we see claims like this everywhere on social media and the internet. In fact, we are so inundated by them, the natural reaction has become to believe none of them, or be highly skeptical at best. So, while claiming your biggest hunting edge of 2018 might be a bold claim, in actuality facing the proverbial “elephant in the room” of whitetail hunting has very legitimate implications for your success. If that interests you, read on.

A BIG ELEPHANT: Let’s start by taking a look at what I would call the most overlooked problem in hunting, that no one seems to address (except here), A.K.A. the elephant in the whitetail woods. It isn’t having the right camo, or scent elimination regiment. We have plenty of products, articles, and talk on those to cover our bases and then some. What isn’t covered, and what is a huge problem, is sound concealment, or getting past what I call the whitetail’s last defense: hearing. No articles, no science, no products. When hearing is 1 of 3 senses a whitetail uses to keep hunters from success, that is a big problem. In fact, if we simply look at that, 2 of 3 senses covered, this means 1/3rd of our defenses are wide open. This is like walking into work without any pants on, and saying you’re adequately covered. It simply doesn’t fly. This gaping hole in our defenses, however, can be our biggest opportunity.

A BIG OPPORTUNITY: Simply put, we need to stop making even slight noise when we are anywhere near our hunting areas. When coupled with the above mentioned strategies of sight and scent concealment, this makes for 3 out of 3 or 100% of senses covered. No more holes in your defenses, you’ve put on your pants, you’re adequately covered for the first time. This is very, very significant. Below is a chart based on testing I did at the University of Toledo in 2014 of common noises hunters make. Based on sound pressure levels (intensity measured in decibels), it shows how far these noises can travel under calm conditions.

Studying this should clarify how dangerous making little, or big noises

can be when hunting, and how simply eliminating them can be, as claimed, your biggest hunting edge of 2018.

REAL SOLUTIONS: So how do you do this? Let’s focus on where many of these noises come from, and how to eliminate them. Of course, we never try to make noise, so the worn out quibs from the past of “don’t make noise,” or “be quiet,” simply do not cut it. We make noise even when we try not to, we make mistakes (at the worst possible time most often), we are human. So if you think you are immune to this, well denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, and admitting you have a problem is the first step on the path to recovery. One clang of your release against your stand or climbing stick, and that hunt is over. One treestand clunk when you hang it, and that area is effectively tainted and avoided by deer even before you hunt it. We could go on. So, the area to focus on is our hunting gear. Much of it is plastic, or metal, which according to the chart, travels furthest. Silence it, and you are well on your way to taking advantage of that big opportunity for improving whitetail sightings and success. The key, is to eliminate any chance to make contact that could create this hunt-busting noise. I developed a versatile solution

to completely soundproof and encase my equipment, called Buck Bumper. I needed a drastic solution, a new edge, and just couldn’t afford to screw up any more hunts because of a noisy mistake. You can find out more about it HERE, and see some of the many success stories of other hunters. Bottom line, if you take action against this elephant in the whitetail woods, noise, you can possibly gain your biggest hunting edge of 2018.

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