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Bridging the Gap Between Outdoor Enthusiasts

Innovative new website with big promise among hunters.

I recently talked to Dana Sacia, administrator of the popular Facebook hunting group Hunting 4 Connections, and founder of the new website We usually don’t do interviews, but thought our discussion would benefit a lot of our readers and introduce outdoorsmen and women to some cool things Dana is working on with her innovative new website. So take a minute to read our conversation below - you may be glad you did.

Adam: Hi Dana, how are you? You recently launched a new website specifically for hunters, fishermen, and outdoorsmen and women. Can you tell us what is exactly, and who it is for?

Dana: Hi Adam, I’m well. So is an online connecting, and dating site for hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts. It is also for people who just love the outdoor lifestyle: hikers, bikers, campers, you name it. It really helps these people who are passionate about the outdoors build meaningful friendships with others who share the same interest, who may find a hard time doing so in other ways.

Adam: So it isn’t just a dating site, but can be for those just looking to find like minded people who have similar interests - to make connections and friendships. Is this correct?

Dana: Yes, that’s right, it serves both these purposes well. Our site allows the users to connect 4 different ways: dating, relationship, friendship, or activity partner. We understand not everyone is looking for a date, but simply looking for a friend to enjoy a hobby or outdoor passion with. We created an option for single or taken folks to utilize the site.

Adam: So, how does it benefit those with an outdoor lifestyle specifically?

Dana: The site benefits these people by helping them align with someone who shares the same hobbies. It matches individuals based on things they share in common and also gives them an option to match based on things they are willing to try or willing to accept in the friendship or dating relationship. Maybe they have never hunted or fished but they are open to it or open to accepting that their partner is passionate about it. The user knows up front what they can expect, as well as knowing they are making a connection with someone who will support their outdoor lifestyle. Again, it’s really specific to their outdoor passions and the things they enjoy doing in their free time.

Adam: I see, so there’s no surprises down the road then. I know there are other dating sites out there, how is this website better than other connecting or dating sites?

Dana: Good question, hunting4connections is unique not only because it is by and for sportsmen, but also because we offer a token system that allows paid members to communicate with other non-paying members. On other sites you cannot do this. So if a paid member wants to talk to a free member that doesn't have a membership (and anyone can create a profile for free that allows you to view other members and them view you), they can use a token to engage in a conversation and the other person can respond. It’s really an innovative aspect that opens up communication. In other sites if you message a person and they don’t respond back, the user is left feeling rejected. Really its because the user that didn’t respond isn’t a paid member so they never ever received the message in the first place. We created a solution to solve that issue.

Adam: I see, that is different. Tell me Dana, when did you start hunting4connections, and what's your ultimate goal?

Dana: We launched July 17th this year (2019) and so far we are off to a great start. We have new people signing up daily. The site offers 100 free tokens to start talking which allows you to get a feel for the site. Additionally anyone who signs up, creates a profile, and uploads a picture gets entered into a drawing to win a Redneck Adventures TV weekend getaway in Mississippi. Our goal is to become profitable with in 2 years and start giving back to the outdoor communities. We started this concept with a giving back mentality, and we’re excited to start making a difference in the outdoors. We’d like to do our part to help preserve natural resources so many generations after us can continue to enjoy it.

Adam: Sounds like a no-lose situation there. Do you have any success stories to share?

Dana: Yes, we have had some great connections made to date. Although we have only been live for 5 months, we are growing on a daily basis. We’ll be putting those on the website as well, so I invite those who have interest or want to further learn about, to visit the site and see for themselves. We highly encourage folks to create a free profile and upload a picture so they can qualify for our giveaways. It’s really simple, quick, and they’ve got nothing to lose.

Adam: Great! So tell us a little more about your facebook group Hunting4Connections and what’s the difference from the site Hunting4Connections?

Dana: I started the Facebook group three years while I was going through a divorce. I knew just because my marriage was ending, my passion for hunting and the great outdoors wasn’t. I wanted to create a place I could ask questions and not get ridiculed for not knowing the answer. Additionally I wanted a space where like minded people could connect and share their passions while offering deals on hunts, trips, and products. The difference is the group has nothing to do with dating. It’s simply to share your passion, swap some hunts or services, and find good deals. It’s the place to hunt 4 your connection.

Adam: Got it. Can you tell me a little more about the upcoming give a ways you have going on?

Dana: We’ve teamed up with some great sponsors. Currently we are teamed up with Redneck Adventures TV and they are giving away two weekend getaways to attend their 20th weekend extravaganza in Mississippi in February. It’s a weekend of fun, entertainment, and hunting. Additionally we have hunting and fishing trip giveaways coming in 2020, with Heartland Harpoles lodge, 4 Amigos Ranch, Boarderline Fishing Guide Services, and many other product giveaways from Companies like Walk on Archery and Snowy Ridge Medal Art.

Adam: It sounds like you have some incredible things in the works to incentivize your new members. Thanks Dana for a few minutes of your time, I wish you continued success with your venture!

Dana: Thanks you for the opportunity to learn more about Hunting4Connections!

If you have interest in finding out more, check out the website HERE and also Dana’s Facebook page HERE




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