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Become a Ghost of the Woods this Hunting Season

What you can do to NOT get busted this year!

If you’ve been hunting whitetail for any amount of time, you’ve had your fair share of busted hunts. Spooking deer walking in, having one work downwind and snort, or clanging the bow while on stand are almost unavoidable no matter how experienced or good a hunter you are. But there are some key things that can decrease, and many times eliminate these hunt-ruining mistakes, and make you a literal ghost in the woods. If you want to slip in and out undetected, and be ninja-like quiet, here are some tips to make you a ghost of the woods this hunting season.

1. MAKE A BLOCKADE: Let’s get the easiest one out of the way first. Many ruined hunts come when we are coming and going, moving, and a deer sees us from a distance. To avoid this you need to block his vision, or make a blockade. If your travel route is not obscured already by thick brush, weeds, or undergrowth, then plant some yourself. This may take a few years to develop, but is a huge step to get a drop on a whitetail’s eyes. Also, you may want to try hinge cutting trees. This creates more security cover for deer, and also a screen for you to slip in and out undetected. Cut them parallel to the direction you will travel, and while you're at it create your own funnels or openings to encourage deer to cross perfectly 20 yards in front of your stand.

2. DOUBLE WHAMMY HIS NOSE: Many think the nose is the most useful sense of a whitetail, and the hardest to bypass. I might argue that point a little, but nonetheless it is a huge advantage to the whitetail, and one that a hunter must fool. To do that, try using activated carbon on your clothing and scent-absorbing gear. You don’t need to buy expensive suits for this, however. Just go to your local pet store and get some activated charcoal. The pore space of each carbon molecule is tremendous, acting like a little vacuum cleaner that absorbs unwanted scent. Place this in stockings or socks, tie it off, and throw these DIY charcoal absorbers in boots and gear bags to eliminate stink. If you want to take it a step further, consider buying an ozone generator. These have been used for years to deodorize houses, hotels, and hospitals, and will do the same for your clothes and equipment. Just be warned - ozone is a poison that should not be breathed. Stick a generator with your gear in a tote, or ventilated room and let it work! Again, you don’t need to buy expensive ones. An industrial generator can be bought online for $75 or so that will deodorize a whole house! Air out afterward, stick in a garbage bag, and you’re well on your way to being a ghost.

3. BLOCK BAD VIBRATIONS: You have the eyes and nose beat, but that’s just 2 of 3

- not good enough. To make it to ghost level stealth you’ve got to block noise - those bad vibrations of the airwaves. Your treestand, climbing sticks, bow, arrows, camera gear, and a plethora of other gear make these hunt-busting noises with the slightest contact, at the worst time, and can ruin a hunt. You’ve got to block them somehow. Products like Buck Bumper do an excellent job of eliminating contact, vibrations, and destroying noise before it can start. Wrap everything, hit all contact points, and eliminate the chance of making mistakes when it matters most (Learn more HERE). Also, clean those trails of leaves, sticks, and other debri when possible so that crunch or snap of a twig doesn’t ruin a hunt before it even starts, and you can become a ghost of the woods this season!




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