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Gear Review: Moultrie A900 Trail Camera and 325 Unlimited Feeder

Intro: In this review, we’re looking at MOULTRIE’S A900 trail camera, as well as their new deer electronic feeder the 325 unlimited. I do my best to give honest and as accurate as possible information based on my experience using the products in the field throughout the hunting season, but be aware personal opinion is involved. Hopefully it will help you make the best-informed decisions for your hunting needs. With that said let’s get started!

Gear Overview & Specs: As a whitetail hunter of 30 years and one that hunts several states (keeping track of dozens upon dozens of locations) it’s important I get good intel of all my spots and if baiting is possible, have a reliable feeder I can count on. Some people have issue with these technologies, but having good intel via ethical use of trail cams can be a game-changer in hunting, and using a feeder to help keep target deer in your area and have them pose for your camera is a huge help. To be honest, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with both these technologies over the years. This is due to having multiple cameras or SD cards fail every year when I’m counting on crucial data of what’s going on when I’m not there (out of state), as well as feeder failure and having pests like raccoons take over and completely negate its effectiveness by stealing all the corn within a few days of leaving an area. So, with a skeptical eye, I tested out both these this past whitetail season. Before I get into what I found, here are the specs on both, as well as their websites to check out.

325 Unlimited Feeder:


  • Electric varmint guard with safety switch and low-drain circuitry

  • Easy Set™ programmable digital timer on an extendable cord

  • Cake-free spinner plate design for consistent feed casting

  • Adjustable height from 5.5' to 8.5'

  • Dome lid sheds rainwater

  • Easy twist and lock system secures kit to Quick-Lock Hopper

  • 325 lb capacity

  • 6 programmable feed times with 0-20 second intervals

  • Solar panel capable

A900 Trail Camera Bundle:


  • Resolution: 30 MP

  • Trigger Speed: 0.4 sec (catch birds in mid-flight)

  • Detection Range: 70 ft.

  • Flash Range: 70 ft.

  • Flash Technology: Long-Range 850nm Infrared, LED/24

  • Illumi-Night Sensor: Illumi-Night

  • Battery Life # of Images: 17,000

  • Power Source: 8 AA Batteries

  • Video Resolution: HD (1280x720)

  • Motion Detect Delay: 0 sec/15 sec/30 sec/1 min/5 min

  • Multi-Shot Mode: 1 Photo, 3 Photo

  • Image & Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9

  • Infostrip Imprint Data: Time, date, temp F only, camera name (1-9 characters), moon phase

  • Decoration: Moultrie White Bark™

  • Moultrie Mobile Compatible

  • 8AA batteries

  • 16GB Class 10 SD card

  • Warranty: Up to 2 years

Testing & In the Field:

325 Unlimited Feeder: Assembling the feeder was pretty straightforward, easy, and simple. The top and bottom portions of the feeder body have to be bolted together with several dozen wing nuts and bolts, which does take some time.

Once assembled, however, the body is solid and the molded plastic used is very thick, tough, and durable. The electronic feeder itself is easy to set with a digital display that is big and easy to read and to toggle through the various feeding options (time, length of feed, etc.). Using a 6-volt battery I didn’t have any issues with battery power all season (5 months) and it spun once a day for about 8 seconds.

You may have it spin much more, but it seems to last quite a while. The legs attach easily and put the feeder very high in the air, which I like for my purposes and helps keep it away from unwanted pests. Setup was quick, easy, and solid once up and in place. The spinner motor itself is able to spread corn in about a 12-foot radius and wasn’t as fast and strong as others I’ve used, but seemed adequate.

I chose to use the feeder in a location out of state - Ohio, which I wouldn’t be able to check but about once a month or even more at times (I live in Mid-Michigan). I put a Moultrie 6000 wireless camera on it so I could see what was happening in real-time, in an area plagued by raccoons that have always found a way to scale the poles of my other feeders and rob me blind. Would it hold up, keep working, and keep the coons away?

Over the period of the 5 month season I got plenty of data in regards to pictures and the 3-4 times I was there to check it. I found that it was always working and spinning out corn as set, except once - when some corn stalks in the corn got stuck in the spinner which had to be manually removed. Other than that it seemed to work fine, but possibly could have used a bit stronger motor. This can be remedied by making sure to set your times a bit longer to get the amount of feed you want to the ground, and making sure your feed doesn’t have any obstructions that could get caught. In regards to the coon problem, I was shocked. First, I could tell the coons were trying to climb them, but having trouble doing so.

I couldn’t tell if any made it all the way up to the spinner, but if they did the electric shock guard must have done its job, because over the entire season no coons reached it as far as I could tell. This was a significant advantage of this feeder, making it great for those people who have pesky pest problems like me.

A900iTrail Camera: I’ve used a lot of brands of trail cameras over the years, and had mixed results. Moultrie have always seemed a bit above average as far as performance.

The A900 was put on my backyard foodplot and I immediately started getting pictures as deer visited. I noticed the pictures were very clear, crisp and detailed, and that it started capturing birds mid-air which told me it had a great trigger speed. Check out this amazing shot of a hawk attacking a crow below.

It even started taking pictures of deer far behind my foodplot on a trail (notice me in one picture background), telling me the range was very good. Night pictures were adequate, and allowed me to tell what I wanted - what was showing up, when, along with other data the camera included on the pictures.

I also wound up attaching it to a Moultrie Mobile modem and sending pictures to my phone, which took some finagling but eventually worked.

325 Unlimited Pro’s:

  • Keeps varmints away

  • Large capacity

  • Solid construction & reliability

  • Easy setup & use

325 Unlimited Con’s:

  • Slightly weak motor

A900 Pro’s:

  • Fast trigger speed

  • Sensitive to long distances

  • Works with moultrie mobile modem

  • Reliable

A900 Con’s:

  • Average nighttime pictures

  • Some difficulty linking to modem

Summary: Overall I think both these products are worthwhile for hunters looking for camera and feeder options. The A900 takes good pictures, seems reliable, and which is a great option for hunters wanting cellular pictures (via link to a moultrie modem) making it a very versatile option. The feeder was most impressive, and even though the spinner wasn’t as strong as I’d like, got the job done and always performed. It’s ability to keep coons and other pests away was a huge plus, and its construction and ease of use make it a great option for anyone wanting a feeder to last many years.

Don't’ take it from me though, check them out at:

About the Author: Adam Lewis is an avid whitetail hunter with 30 years of experience. His writing

is found in a wide variety of outdoor magazines including Bowhunter, North American Whitetail, Deer and Deer Hunting, and Woods N Water News. He is a sought-after speaker and founder of To contact him about speaking or writing, email him at


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