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Review: Muzzy Trocar & Muzzy Merc Broadheads

Intro: In this review we’re looking at two fixed blade broadheads I used this season hunting

whitetail deer, the Muzzy Merc and Muzzy Trocar. I do my best to give honest and as accurate as possible information based on my experience using the products in the field throughout the hunting season, but be aware personal opinion is involved. Hopefully it will help you make the best informed decisions for your hunting needs. With that said let’s get started!

Gear Overview: When it comes to broadheads everyone has to make a decision of mechanical or fixed blade. I shoot a compound bow and have chosen for personal reasons to stay away from mechanicals. To me, reliability is very important and removing all possible sources of error. One extra moving part at the moment of truth is just too risky for me, so I choose fixed blade broadheads that I don’t have to worry about. I’ve now used the Trocar for 3 years and the Merc, new for the 2021 season, for just one. Hunting whitetails doesn’t usually require long shots over 30 yards, but having taken elk hunting trips in 2018 and 2019, I knew I needed a great flying broadhead for long distances - up to 80 yards for me. From history I knew Muzzy had a great reputation of super tough and durable broadheads, and so I began using the Trocar, switching from my standard Thunderheads which from my experience started wandering off the mark around 40 yards.

Testing & In the Field:


Upon using the Trocar, its short length and helical shape was an obvious difference from my Thunderheads (without sacrificing any cutting diameter as it cuts a good 1 3/16” hole), and so was the accuracy: consistent field tip accuracy to my 80 yard maximum. (Below the Trocar compared to Thunderhead)

You can read the exact specs HERE: but I will say the ferrule and blades are, sharp, and overall construction very tough. I’ve had pass throughs with 3 of 4 whitetail bucks I’ve shot with it, and the non-passthrough was due to a quartering toward neck shot that went the length of the neck and lodged in the buck’s chest, leaving a massive wound and firehose-like bloodtrail to his quick death.

I’ve never had a blade break in any of these kills, and my arrows have always flown exactly where aimed. I can be pretty picky when it comes to gear and want solid reliability as stated before. Since I’ve used them, I’ve never wanted to try another broadhead and have bought more when I’ve needed extras. That’s saying something. (Buck above taken with Trocar)